About me

Hey there! I’m Talia, the storyteller behind the lens. With a deep passion for storytelling through images, I strive to create beautiful, timeless photographs that you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime.

Maybe you’ve only seen my name, but behind it, there are several creative people working for all the couples that chose us for your special day.

We believe that the experience is more important than the photoshoot, and our mission is to tell real love stories in an authentic, emotional, and beautiful way. Every couple has a unique and valuable perspective, and we’re passionate about amplifying those voices and showcasing the diversity and beauty of love. We’re based in the Cabo, México, but I travel throughout destinations worldwide to take artistic and timeless wedding photos for rad couples.

Every single
love story
is unique for us.
Every single couple
has a love story.
Every single
is special for us
And every single
love story
most be captured.

Love & connections are our most important values.

We are a small but dedicated business, we believe in authenticity and we care about capturing the most meaningful moments in your love stories.

It’s not just about the skills; it’s about the connection. We’re not just capturing your day; we’re becoming a part of it. Our genuine enthusiasm and seamless collaboration create an atmosphere that’s not only professional but also relaxed and fun.

We’re here to tailor our approach to your personalities, ensuring that your wedding day unfolds just as you’ve envisioned it. Your joy is our inspiration, and your story is our priority.

If you feel connected with us, get in touch!


Our base service starts at $USD 4,000.
Contact us to create a tailored proposal that meets your needs and expectations.


Clarifying your doubts:

Clean, vibrant, and fresh imagery is my specialty. I have spent years perfecting my editing to give you the most true to life colors, so that your wedding will remain timeless among the decades, and photography “trends” that will come and go. I want your photos to feel relevant for the rest of your lives, and in doing so I pay extra attention to nuanced details in color, skin tones, and the environment around you on your wedding day.

I have been photographing weddings for 12 years, and have photographed over 200+ weddings.

It has taken many years of photographing 40+ weddings a year to realize that quantity is not correlative to quality. As my experience has increased, so has my expectations for the best and most comprehensive client experience possible. It is so important to me that each and every one of my clients has my full attention, capabilities, and energy. For this reason, I only accept 35 weddings per calendar year.

This is a great question and probably my most frequently asked. For my 6 hour packages I start at a minimum of 300 photos, and for my 8 hour packages I start at a minimum of 700 photos. There is no cap to how many photos I deliver. I want to give you as many bomb-ass, unique, and flattering photos as I can that tell the story of your day, so the more the merrier.

This is covered in my contract! If anything were to happen to me, I have systems in place so that you would be covered with an equally qualified photographer.

I do not edit bodies to be thinner or look different. You are beautiful the way you are! That being said, I'm happy to go in and retouch a spot of acne.

RAW images, or unedited images as some would call them, are essentially massive files that take up space on your computer, and include blinking, sneezing, stank faces, and the moments that don’t necessarily tell the story of how beautiful your wedding day really was. That’s why you hired me – to take care of all that for you. Giving out RAW files would be like giving you all the ingredients to make seafood enchiladas but no recipe. So in short, no, I do not give out RAW images because they are not your final product.

Most engagement sessions take three-four weeks from the session date. And weddings will take eight-twelve weeks from the wedding date. I spend a generous amount of time working on each session because I want the editing to be careful and intentional. However, I will try to get you sneak peeks 72 hours after your wedding.